Traditional hotel Obergurgl

In 1957 our grandparents Josef and Anna Fender bought the house "Alpenland" - at that time it was a house with 20 beds. The guests were taken care of from the main house "Fender" in the village. The catering was organised by means of a "food-sledge lift".

In those days, the arrival of guests was adventurous and took several hours. Josef Fender picked them up personally by sledge from Zwieselstein, 10 km away. Over the years, our parents Adi and Frieda Fender have continuously renovated, converted and extended the house. Thus the present 4-star hotel and apartment Alpenland was created.

We responsibly continue the tradition of our guests, which has been lived for over 60 years, and look forward to your visit!

Hotel Alpenland Geschichte
Hotel Alpenland Geschichte


Facelift for the entire hotel Construction of 11 new apartments on the upper floors and Renovation of the Comfort double rooms on the south side


After 48 years the bowling alley gives way to a new and spacious sauna area "Alpenrelax


Reconstruction of the reception area, redesign of the television hall and redesign of some rooms


Conversion and modernisation of the kitchen


Renovation of the east side, new dining room, new bar area with Annastüberl and new ski cellar


Modernisation of the north suites and the sauna area


Extension of the 4th floor and reconstruction of the sauna


Conversion of the south side


Major conversion of the house into the 4-star hotel "Alpenland


Construction of the bowling alley


Purchase of the house "Alpenland" by Josef Fender